DR.DUDU Christmas Countdown Calendar, Dry Erase Board Weekly Planer, Octopus New Year Magnetic Fridge Calendar 16x11inch (2019 Blue)


Suitable for all the people, what kind of plan do you want to be, what kind of schedule can you make it, develop a new one, your best intelligent planner.

Repeatable Schedule
Can be used to mark learning, work, life, etc. Plan your daily life in detail and get rid of your laziness and procrastination.
What is stopping us from acting is procrastination and forgetting>br> Never write homework until the last minute
Do not go to the health room until the last minute
Forget the party with friends tomorrow
No more forgotten things

Advantage 1: It can be erased repeatedly, the surface is made of PET film, it can be easily wiped off after more than 30 days of writing.
Advantage 2: High-quality environmentally-friendly raw materials, waterproof and moisture-proof, bending at will, no creases, and long service life of more than 5 years.
Advantage 3: Adsorbable magnetic stickers, using high-quality environmentally-friendly iron powder glue, can be repeatedly adsorbed without losing magnetism.
Demonstrate quality products and customer service.
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Hello, 2019. The new year, become more planned, so every day is orderly. Designed for you, you will have a place to look at your everyday things and plan your life. The energy plan, reasonable arrangement of your own target plan every day, to stimulate your unlimited potential, colorful, every day, learning, life, work to show the true colors, clear goals.

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