Executif Prestige Habana 2019 schwarz Taschen-Kalender: Agenda Planing. 1 Woche auf 2 Seiten mit Tagesnotizen. 13 Monate: Dezember bis Dezember. Von 8.00 Uhr bis 21.00 Uhr. Mit Adressenverzeichnis

Price: £20.73 - £20.89

Agenda Planing® with day notes, Ivory Paper, with 2 colour print. Half arrangement of hours from 8 to 21.00 P.M. 13 months – December to December. Thread bound. With Wissenswerten information Full Colour Maps, removable address directory with index. PU Leather Flip Case/Cover/Pouch/Holster with elastic strap closure. Pressure: Grey/Red.
Size (Height x Width x Depth): 16 x 16 cm, Design: 1 week/2 Sides
Habana; Faux leather has a soft, leathery cover. Elasticated at the hue. Expandable inner pocket.Colour: Black
Cover Habana
Material: Imitation Leather
Style 1 week on two pages
16 x 16 cm

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