Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat Puzzle Store Mat Felt Mat, Jigroll Up To 1,500 Pieces

Price: £48.99

This mat is made of felt, which is a kind of green material, comes in a long box, so there is no folded creases when you get it. It’s very easy to make this mat lie flat on the floor. Color is black. It has an Inflatable tube for compact storage, and 2 black elastic bands keep the puzzles safe in the roll. This mat is big enough for up to 1500-piece puzzles.

Package includes: 1 X Felt Mat, 1 X Inflatable Tube, 2 X Elastic Bands

Color: Black

Size: 46″ X 26″ (Approx 118 X 66 CM)ROLL PACKING WITHOUT ANY CREASE – Comes with long rectangular box, Lavievert’s non-slip felt mat can be rolled for perfect storage of your finished or unfinished jigsaw puzzles.

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