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Fioniony stands for high-quality paperwork and designs products for every occasion with a lot of heart. The fioniony label was founded in 2014 by Tina Börlin.

Our paper products are printed by selected printing companies from our region. Meanwhile, fioniony has become a small family manufacture. Her husband Benny and her two children are always great muse and source of inspiration for their designs.

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Postcards, greeting cards, stickers, buttons, desk mats, blocks, travel diaries, guest books, recipe books, baptisms, gift wrap, Christmas cards, etc.

Copyright: fioniony is a registered trademark RN: 30 2018 219 260 DPMA and is protected by Amazon. The graphics and images used are protected by copyright. All rights including those of photomechanical reproduction, reproduction and dissemination by special methods (for example, data processing, data carriers and data networks), also partially reserves sichfioniony.

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Greetings to Tina and Benny


Organic gift bags made of kraft paper with window: to fill yourself and pack nicely for home-made items. These organic paper bags (cross bottom bags/tea bags) with window are ideal as party gifts for: Santa bag, Christmas gift, party gift, chocolate, pastries, muffins, cookies, biscuits, Christmas biscuits, tea, coffee beans, chocolate, wedding almonds, lollis, sweets and much more.
Gift bags kraft paper bags, format: dimensions: 9 x 27 cm, the base dimensions: 9 x 4.5 cm, sticker: 63.5 mm x 38.1 mm, rectangular, matt, printed with food-safe colour.
The food-safe, brown block bottom bags are made from brown kraft paper and are coated with organic plastic PLA on the inside. The inner coating does not contain the use of fossil raw materials and is completely biodegradable. Through the viewing window, the filling material can be viewed already unpacked.
The wire clip closure allows for easy closure of the bottom bags. The wood used to produce the paper is made from certified sustainable forestry. Please note: grease edges may form with heavily greasy filling.
Please note: not suitable for heavily greasy goods. Very stable and kink-free shipping packaging. Other and suitable products: books, guest book, buttons, travel journal, cookbook, baking book, paper bags, greeting cards, place cards, advent calendar, advent calendar numbers, stickers, gift paper for giving as a gift in our store Fioniony.

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