Sense of Wonder/Album for Premium Year Happy Sense Diary Personal DIN A6 2019 HappySinn


Yearly Overview A Sense Of Sense Wonder in happy in the format DIN A5 (14,8 cm x 21 cm) you are buying a 2019
The chart for the year. Perfect for listing holidays holidays, days out and everything that you want to your AT A GLANCE throughout the year. At front in organiser has is an indispensable companion. The Leporello function so you can open is super-practical and of course, there is the yearly overviews in the usual sense wonder Manier Suitable to any design.
For this type of premium calendar pages, we get a paper selected that leaves nothing to be desired:
Strength of weight 170 g/m² (very high)
FSC certified
High whiteness
The uncoated nature can enter at those places is better to explain with fountain pen, as the colour into the paper and not smear,
Rays are frequently broken (colours appear softer) and will be
Natural fibres (but not to be confused with use recycled paper only.).
The extra weight of the paper also allows the yearly overview look good for longer.
Also ideal for all personal faxing fans, it’s also when decorating can do anything.
To provide the calendar pads even in your organiser perfect fit, here are the exact information about the punched holes:
6 ring mechanism, hole spacing 19/19/70 – 19 – 19 mm, suitable for all above manufacturers.
Please always check for size and hole punching before placing your order.
100% made in Germany. Your year Überblick – Happy sense of the year 2019 matches other calendars from sense Wunder
Leporello, foldable calendar, 1 sheets folded 2 pages, DIN A5 (148 mm x 210 mm), Size when open (28.2 (W) x 21 cm)-please size and hole punching check prior to purchase.
Very tough FSC certified premium paper, 170 g/m² made from pure natural fiber, high whiteness, also ideal for fountain pens,, stamps and tape
Holes: 6 ring mechanism 19/19/70/19/19 mm, Suitable for organizer manufacturer’s: Filofax (A5), Filofax clip book (A5), Elfenklang (A5), Kikki K (Large), Succes (Executive), Webster’s Pages (A5), Van Der Spek (Manager), Gillio (A5), Doki book (Large), Rido IDE ‘(timing 1), Timesy system (A5), carpe diem’ simple stories (A5), BSB Obpacher (Manager), binding (A5), Louis Vuitton (Large)

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