Topclever Prints 2019 Wall Calendar & Family Planner | Home Organiser for Bills & Budgeting, | Monthly View for Busy Mums, Dads & Couples | Bonus Reminder Stickers & Pencil


Does it seem like you have so much to do?

One cause of stress is having such a busy schedule at work, home or school. Sometimes, you may feel like 24 hours is not enough for you to accomplish all your tasks. You go hurriedly from one to another, and this can affect the quality of your work.

It may seem impossible but it is doable. You just need to get more organised to better manage your time. Making lists and noting down important reminders can help you keep track of your day, week and month.

Accomplish more than you can imagine with the Topclever Prints 2019 Calender & Home Planner!

We want to make it easier and more convenient for you to plan your life, so we created a calendar and home planner in one. Each month is broken down into daily boards where you can jot down important notes. It has extra space for a to-do list, things to remember, as well as appointments and bills.

Also, we’ve dedicated a page for important phone numbers and birthdays. In addition, there is a pocket where you can store receipts, bills and calling cards. Plus, we’ve included 300 free stickers to make your planning a lot more fun and effective!

Be assured your 2019 Calendar will stay intact for the rest of the year. We used only strong and sturdy materials, thick card stock, a double wire ring binding and reinforced holes for hanging.

Here are additional reasons our calendar and home planner is your ideal companion for the entire year:
🗓 It comes with a pencil that clips right on the planner. Great for times when you need to write down something quick!
🗓 The colours are appropriate for both male and female
🗓 Ideal for large and busy families
🗓 Kid-friendly design encourages your children to join your planning

Make your life easier and less stressful with the Topclever Prints 2019 Calendar and Home Planner. Add it to your basket TODAY! ✔️SCHEDULE YOUR DAILY TASKS – Life can get busy. Organise your family’s schedule by listing down all chores, meetings, homework and errands. This way, you can manage your time effectively. This calendar runs until December 2019. The calendar measures 39 x 59.5 cm when open.

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