Wine Folly Wine Explorer Poster Print Set 4-pc (18″ x 24″)

Price: £97.26

This four piece poster set is for the wine lover looking to explore wine one glass at a time. All posters are 18″ x 24″. Different Types of Wine is a comprehensive visual guide to all of the major types of wine and will help you find and drink wines you’ll love based on their style and flavor characteristics. Famous Wine Blends chart shows what’s inside famous wine blends of the world and will be your inspiration to try all nineteen. The How to Choose Wine is a question-answer flow chart that solves wine pairings for life’s everyday scenarios. The Wine and Cheese poster is a 2-sided print that includes 20 hand-illustrated wine and cheese pairings along with dozens of other pairing suggestions. The print is the same on each side but with a different background color so you can display the color that best suits your space.Includes: (1x) Different Types of Wine, (1x) Famous Wine Blends, (1x) How to Choose Wine, (1x) Wine & Cheese Pairing

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